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We are your trusted DRY WALL, PAINTING AND MOLDING service providers in New Jersey that offer excellent finishing to make your home living a sensational experience!

DRYWALL, PAINTING & MOLDING Experts in New Jersey!

Nothing is more noticeable than a hole in your wall. Furthermore, ignoring drywall projects can result in additional harm in the future.

At Hyvest, our certified specialists can complete any task, whether it’s putting the finishing touches on a recent renovation project or patching up some wear and tear.


Hyvest Drywall certified specialists can help you with a variety of drywall repairs and drywall finishing services to improve the appearance of your house.

All of our home improvement certified specialists have a minimum of ten years of expertise in the industry. They’ve seen — and fixed! — almost everything: Hire us to know the quote and estimation of the dry wall, painting and molding project!


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Our DRYWALL, PAINTING & MOLDING Process is based on three steps!

Understand Customer Requirements

We begin by listening to our customers' concerns and visiting their locations to better understand their wants and expectations. As a result, we simplify things for you by asking for your wall design preferences. Before beginning the project, we prepare a checklist and write down the material needs, as well as the fitting style, color scheme, and lighting scheme.

Drywall | Painting | Molding Preparations

In this step, our experienced drywall and painting certified professionals prepare the layout after noting down the points and suggestions of customers. We work on designs, color schemes, and accessories approved by customers. It is the stage, where our interior designers take important steps before installation and fitting take place.

Implementation and Delivery

This is the stage of implementation. After finishing the previous phase' preparations, our experienced professionals put your ideas into action in this final step. We take care of your home's painting, flooring, and carpentry needs. Drywalls are also fixed with the highest level of professionalism and quality, ensuring that your property has the desired appearance.

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One of the advantages of picking Hyvest Homes is that we can do more than just paint. Many clients have discovered that completing many projects at once makes sense. That means there will be only one disturbance before you get your best results. We have different professionals specialized for each of these services. You won’t have to work around the schedules of many contractors. Everything is taken care for you.



Because homes are supposed to be lived in, it’s not uncommon to find drywall with holes or other damage that needs to be repaired. The best part is that it’s relatively simple to correct. We’ll start by patching any drywall damage before we start painting. To implement a perfect surface, we’ll patch, sand, and prime your drywall. It’ll be as though you’re in a brand-new property!

Drywall assemblies can be pre-assembled and ready to install using our sophisticated panel fabrication process. Parts can be made and copied off-site, then shipped and installed on-site as needed. Quick, simple, and just on schedule. Hyvest Homes Dywall Services include:

  • Drywall Framing
  • Drywall Equipment and Supplies
  • Wallboard and Plasterboard
  • Installation of Custom Millwork


Our house painting crew can handle any exterior or interior painting project in New York City, always producing the best results by harnessing our extensive decades of experience in custom painting projects that compliment your preferences. Hyvest Homes Painters in NYC guarantees alluring quality and attention to detail, from the quality of paint to our expert painter crew.

Unlike other house painting businesses, our interior house painting crew maintains a clean working environment both inside and outside your home, and will not leave any mess. After all, we understand that your home is your refuge, and we treat it with the utmost respect.

If you need to paint or repaint, let Hyvest Homes paint for you!


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What People Say

"Hyvest Homes has always been a number home remodeling choice in New Jersey. I would love to give them full credit for my home improvement project. The guys are extremely professional and talented, as they managed my home décor on short notice. Simply gorgeous and outstanding job! "
Jon Bakken
"I feel obliged and blessed to have got the services of Hyvest Homes for my kitchen improvement. The team is professional, highly skilled, and qualified enough to handle the renovation of my cooking place. I got my kitchen renovated under the supervision of intellectual interior designers. It’s a great experience. "
Andrea Velle
"Hyvest Homes not only impressed me with home improvement services, but they have got the back of highly skilled professionals who are more than designers. I have been provided with remarkable kitchen, bathroom, and deck remodeling services on budget. Everything was according to my expectations and the guys are super fast and responsive. "
Elle Aasen
"Awesome work! I have no words to say thanks to Hyvest Homes for such wonderful home décor services. The communication was excellent, even the designers responded and delivered everything on time. I was not expecting an excellent quality bathroom and living room décor job that increased the value of my property. I will contact them again in the future and right now I want to give full stars to the Hyvest Homes for their outstanding performance. "
Isa Holmgren